Alessandro Agudio

(b. 1982, Milan)


Agudio’s art works epitomize the transition from the scenario in which objects are enfranchised as merely utilitarian things, to their typifying a specific social group and so a lifestyle. Hence, in his practice design can be understood as a device for commenting on the ethos of the Italian middle-class. Indeed, the surface is the issue here, and plastic laminate is the medium. His work has been showed in: Quadriennale (Rome), Art Berlin Contemporary (Berlin), American Medium (New York), Galerie Chez Valentin (Paris), 1m3 (Lausanne), Fluxia, Marsèlleria, Unicredits Studios, Gasconade, Plus Design, GAM (Milan), Galleria Vistamare – Benedetta Spalletti (Pescara). Lives and works in Milan.


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Konturella at Marsèlleria / Courtesy Siliqoon and the artist, Milan – Photo Andrea Rossetti
Agudio_Siliqoon(1)Agudio_Siliqoon(2)Agudio_Siliqoon(3)Sleek Like a Slum feat Primitive Art at Gasconade / Courtesy Gasconade, Milan


Agudio_Siliqoon(6)Tipo Favela / Courtesy the artist


Agudio_Siliqoon(4)Siliqoon_Agudio_web(1)Siliqoon_Agudio_web(2b)Siliqoon_Agudio_web(3)Siliqoon_Agudio_web(4) Siliqoon_Agudio_web(5)Siliqoon_Agudio_webEl Kaki with Lupo Borgonovo at Fluxia gallery / Courtesy Fluxia, Milan – Photo Andrea Rossetti