Andrea Magnani

(b. 1983, IT)


His work unmasks the process of making sense, focusing upon the tension between and the overlapping of ordering and generating forces. In his installations, imaginative but usable objects trigger dense and layered stories in which the product’s design is corrupted, kneading consumer and fruition logics with a new form of witchcraft based on contemporary rituals, myths and symbols. Andrea has exhibited and performed in public and private spaces, included: T293 (Rome), MAMbo – Museum of Modern Art (Bologne), Marsèlleria (New York), Italienska Kulturinstitutet (Stockholm), Operativa (Rome), PAV, Archivio di Stato (Turin), Stanford Housing (London), Can Serrat (Barcelona), Bevilacqua La Masa (Venice), Marsèlleria, O’, Viafarini, Crepaccio, Mars (Milan), Pad. Regionale 54° Biennale di Venezia (Reggio Emilia), Palazzo esposizioni (Faenza), Spazio Swing (Benevento). In 2014, he founded Siliqoon, a hybrid label of artistic production and promotion. Lives and works in Milano.


pizza_webqpizza3_webqpizza2_webqPizza Hypothesis, 2016, at O’ Milano. Curtesy Idioletta.



Inico, 2016. Courtesy the artist and Siliqoon – Photo Andrea Piffari


Magnani_Semecieco2_webQMagnani_Semecieco3_webQ Semecieco, 2015, courtesy the artist and Siliqoon.


OmTheLam_MagnaniAndrea(1)_sitoQOmTheLam_MagnaniAndrea_sitoQOmTheLam_MagnaniAndrea(3)_sitoQOm the Lam, 2015 at MAMbo, courtesy Xing, Bologna.


inthevast11webqweb_PureDisclosue_Magnani_2web_PureDisclosure_Magnani_11web_PureDisclosue_Magnani_3web_PureDisclosure_Magnani_9web_PureDisclosure_Magnani_8In the vast infinity of life, all is perfect, whole and complete, 2015 at Marsèlleria. Courtesy Siliqoon.


Siliqoon_magnani(1)Siliqoon_magnani(5)Siliqoon_magnani(3)Siliqoon_magnani(6)Siliqoon_magnani(4)Sistema S, 2013-ongoing, at T293 gallery. Courtesy T293, Rome.


magnani_siliqoon(1)magnani_siliqoon(2)Siliqoon_magnani(9)Siliqoon_magnani(8)Siliqoon_magnani(10)The Divination Running Project, 2014, at Museo della bonifica in Ca Vendramin. Courtesy the artist and Deltarte.