Anna Solal

(b. 1988, FR)


Solal’s assembles are made of trash cut-outs, decontextualizing elements of industrial objects and sewing them back together; her production often includes drawings and results are dirty and tender, carefully nestled shapes, often recalling advertising symbols that leverage on collective imagination to be identified and on metaphysic composition to be reinterpreted. Solal’s weaves together pop and survivalist features, producing mysterious objects: every structure is a compromise between naive figuration and total abstraction. Her work has been exhibited at: Olso10 (Basel), Art-O-rama (Marseille), Room E 10 27, New Galerie and 63rd77thsteps (Paris), Museo Experimental El Eco (Mexico City), Rijksakademie (Amsterdam), Diesel Project Space (Liege), Island and The Ister (Brussels). Lives and works in Paris.


annasolaldit2 annasolalviewThe Sun at Macao / Courtesy Siliqoon and the artist, Milan – Photo Marco Cappelletti


anna_solal_siliqoon_wFloor at Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten / Courtesy of the artist, Amsterdam


20_solalThe Bed-Sledge at DOC / Courtesy of  DOC and the artist, Paris – Photo Paul Nicoué


24_anna-solal_kites_63rd-77th-stepsKites at 63rd77thsteps / Courtesy of 63rd77thsteps, Paris – Photo Quentin Dubret


 Two Friends at ROOM E-10 27 / Courtesy ROOM E-10 27, Paris – Photo Quentin Dubret


024-anna-solalLunch Tray at Kelly Bar / Courtesy of PANE project, Milan