II – Antoine Renard, Libby Rothfeld

from September 19th to 30th, 2016 at Sandra Natali/MAMbo artists’ space + RAUM/Xing, Bologna


Artists Antoine Renard (FR) and Libby Rothfeld (USA) were invited to take part in the second edition of Siliqoon Labs, a residency program aimed at the production of new works manufactured by a network of selected local artisan businesses. During the Lab the artists have visited the companies, used Raum as a studio for their research and were hosted by MAMbo at Sandra Natali Residence. This experience originated a new corpus of works that shaped the exhibition 1999 at Marsèlleria, Milano from March 17 to April 14, 2017.


The invited artists, curators and partners presented their work in progress to the public on the evening of Wednesday, September 28th from 7pm at Raum – Via Ca’ Selvatica 4/d, Bologna.


The 20 selected artisanal businesses:

- Atanor, carpentry (www.atanorfalegnameria.com)

- Bottega Prata, wrought iron (www.bottegaprata.com)

- Ca’ de Noci, winery (www.cadenoci.it)

- Cangini & Tucci, blown glass (www.canginietucci.com)

- Dingi, hardware for furniture and antique doors and metal restoration (www.dingi.it)

- Don Castorri, exorcist (www.basilicadisanvicinio.it)

- FabLab Faenza, makers (www.fablabfaenza.org)

- Ferrari, concrete and plaster (www.cementisti-bologna.it)

- Gamberini, stained glass (www.vetridartegamberini.it)

- Il Bagatto, tailoring (sites.google.com/site/sartoriailbagattodibologna)

- La calzoleria di Max e Gio, shoemakers (www.lacalzoleriadimaxegio.com)

- Leone Conti, winery (www.leoneconti.it)

- Marchi, fiberglass (www.marchi-vetroresina.it)

- Pinomarino, jewelry and stereolithography (www.pinomarino.it)

- Poliedrici, EPS (www.poliedrici.com)

- Roberto Regazzi, lutist (www.regazzi.net)

- Studio Elica, ceramic and design (www.facebook.com/pastorebovina)

- Venturi Arte, foundry (www.venturiarte.net)

- Vepram, plastics (www.vepram.com)

- WASP, digital craft and 3D printing (www.wasproject.it)


In collaboration with MAMbo – Museo d’Arte Moderna in Bologna and with the support of MarsèllXing/RaumConfartigianato Assimprese Bologna Metropolitana and Museo Carlo Zauli.


Fonderia1FonderiaWaspWasp1Anticatore Anticatore1 BottegaParata BottegaParata1 Calzolaio Calzolaio1 Cementista1 Cementista2 Esorcista Falegnameria Falegnameria1GioielliIMG_9048 LeoneConti LeoneConti1 LeoneConti2 Liutaio Liutaio1 PastoreBovinaIMG_8943 PlasticheIMG_4550Polistirolo Polistirolo1 Sarto Sarto1 Vetreria1VetreriaVetroresinaIMG_4899 VetroSoffiatoIMG_4751