MOON BATHER – Ohlsson/Dit-Cilinn

at DAMA 2018, Palazzo Saluzzo Paesana, Via Bligny 2, Turin, Italy


Moon Bather,
2018, sand, iron, blood, bone, feathers, glass, plaster, thistles, shells, bamboo, plastic, concrete, wood ,mushrooms


In heels (Moon Bather)
, 2018, oystershells, glass, stone, clay, clear acrylic, iron


Moon Bather is the show consequent to a production in collaboration with a network of selected artisans and companies. Artist duo Ohlsson/Dit-Cilinn was hosted in Milan while collaborating with Siliqoon’s network of companies. This experience originated a new corpus of works that will be exhibited in the no-profit section of DAMA, Turin.

Moon Bather is a gynaecologic throne, traced on the vertebrae natural form and designed as human scale host for genital and anal moonlight tan. This set implies the human presence, encouraging an amount of possible narrations that revolve around the fluidity of bodies: different scales permeating each other, unstinting spins between night and day, rationality and dissolution.


The installation features a littoral environment that suggests an oniric drift, rousing planetary awareness as well as suggesting countless acknowledgments; Moon Bahter floats between layers of meaning, leaving all perspective open, fullfilled by its own vagueness. Ritual technology clashes into the inner elegance of this luxurious island of dirt. An organic garment leads to the use of the bone seat, waiting for a moon beam to triumph. As Alejandro Jodorowsky described in Psychomagic: “I look for my femmininity, and therefore I raise my legs. A transparent tube, about forty centimeters long, comes out from the god’s legs. I decide to give up without resistance, so the god can introduce the tube between the sex and the anus, at that point of the perineum that the tantra calls chakra muladrhara. […] The god kneels between my open legs and begins to penetrate me. Its organ rises along my spinal column until I feel it entering the brain. My conscience explodes“.

Ohlsson/Dit-Cilinn has exhibited internationally in Los Angeles, New York, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Chiang Mai and Brussels among other places. In their work natural processes merge with conceptual and sculptural gesture. The duo explores diverse subjects as mythology, ecology, secular spirituality, altered states of consciousness and sexuality in an often visceral manner. They are most well-known for reframing the nature-culture polarity in installations and ritualistic performances.



The exhibited work is made thanks to the collaboration with Poliedrici and with the support of the Swedish arts grants committee and Marsèll.