PURE DISCLOSURE – Alessandro Agudio, Daniel Keller, Andrea Magnani, Timur Si-Qin

April 10 – May 10, 2015 at Marsèlleria, Via Paullo 12/A, Milano


PURE DISCLOSURE is the result of a project that started out in 2014. Siliqoon invited the four artists to work side by side with a few selected companies, representatives of the Italian artisan excellence, hosted by Casa Natali/MAMbo, and Spazio RAUM in a residence in Bologna. This experience originated a corpus of works based on the artists’ individual research.
Exactly one year since the residence in Bologna, the works designed by the artists find their position within the Milanese space of Marsèlleria permanent exhibition. Siliqoon’s first residency comes to completion testifying its over territorial format: the contamination between a group of artists, both domestic and international, and a decentralized cultural and production pole.


An analogy draws the involved crew together, proving a greater meaning beyond the sum of the parts: Marsèlleria, place of contemporary culture and domicile of Maison Marsèll, Siliqoon as art label, and Pure Disclosure  as the outcome of a production incubation. The exhibited works recall the rethorical products of contemporary reality, globalized and interconnected, validated both by the communication strategies typical of a business context and by their own intrinsic aura, in contrast with the aspect of post-capitalistic consumer goods. Afterall isn’t the immateriality, the omnipotence and the fluidity of the internet from which the involved artists draw and to whose aesthetic they wink an almost divine entity? This metaphor leads back to the transparency of the production process which fully manifests itself through the whole project and that entails a perceptive disorientation within Marsèlleria. As a matter of fact the exhibited works overstep the common cosmetic exhibition approach although they iconically represent its universe.
Through this alienation they therefore reflect the conception mechanisms of contemporary visual culture in its theoretical and consumptive paradoxes. Pure Disclosure stages a representation of indentifying rituals and shared narrations, and a reproduction of objects that hint at a part of the whole, forcing the observer to acknowledge it or to consider what he sees differently, taking a step towards the previous notion of objet trouvé. Four complementary elements that represent self-concience through speculative identifications, from the beginning of human history to the estrangement from its very own essence, and reflect the asymmetry of the nature of the synthetic, between actual and virtual, need and desire.


The exhibited works are produced thanks to the following companies: Aida Bertozzi, Bikun, BIOTEX, Euromec di Archenti Mauro, Fabric Division, Lualma Anodica, Martino Tremolada designer, Myver, Nuove Residency, OMGB, Pubbligraf, Serilegno and Studio Pedrini.


web_PureDisclosure_1Exhibition view (ground floor) – Photo: Andrea Rossetti, Carmen Mitrotta and We Find Wildness


web_PureDisclosue_Keller_1web_PureDisclosue_Keller_2 web_PureDisclosue_Keller_4web_PureDisclosue_Keller_3Daniel Keller & Ella Plevin, Seastead Figures (Polypool), 2015


web_PureDisclosue_Si-Qin_1Timur Si-Qin, Installation view, 2015


web_PureDisclosue_Si-Qin_2 web_PureDisclosue_Si-Qin_3Timur Si-Qin, Untitled, 2015


web_PureDisclosue_Si-Qin_4 web_PureDisclosue_Si-Qin_5Timur Si-Qin, Display (Peace), 2015


PureDisclosure_2Exhibition view (first floor)


01web 06web 09webweb_PureDisclosue_Agudio_2 web_PureDisclosue_Agudio_3Alessandro Agudio, Konturella, 2015


web_PureDisclosure_Magnani_1 web_PureDisclosue_Magnani_2 web_PureDisclosue_Magnani_3web_PureDisclosure_Magnani_4web_PureDisclosure_Magnani_5 web_PureDisclosure_Magnani_6 web_PureDisclosure_Magnani_7 web_PureDisclosure_Magnani_8 web_PureDisclosure_Magnani_9 webPureDisclosure_Magnani_10(3) web_PureDisclosure_Magnani_11 web_PureDisclosure_Magnani_12web_PureDisclosure_Magnani_13(2)Andrea Magnani, In the vast infinity of life, all is perfect, whole and complete, 2015




The project is promoted by the association Gaer with the competition “Il prodotto della creatività”