Timur Si-Qin

(b.1984, Berlin)


Is an artist of German and Mongolian-Chinese descent who grew up in Berlin, Beijing and the American Southwest. His work emphasizes the nature of the synthetic, focusing on the materiality of globalized and networked society, often times blending the virtual with the actual in an effort to highlight the heterogenous, distributed space of our mass-mediated ecology. Si-Qin has shown internationally at Taipei Biennial “The Great Acceleration”(Taipei), Fridericianum (Kassel), Marsèlleria and Fluxia (Milan), Peer to Space (Munich), Darsa Comfort (Zurich), Magician Space (Beijing), Blain|Southern and Carl Kostyal (London), School of Development (Berlin) and The Sullivan Galleries of The Art Institute of Chicago (Chicago). He most recently created and curated the Chrystal Gallery, a virtual gallery showing international artists in 3D photorealistic rendered spaces. Lives and works in Berlin. www.timursiqin.com


web_PureDisclosue_Si-Qin_4web_PureDisclosue_Si-Qin_5Display (Peace) at Marsèlleria, 2015 / Courtesy Siliqoon and Marsèlleria, Milan


web_PureDisclosue_Si-Qin_2web_PureDisclosue_Si-Qin_3Untitled at Marsèlleria, 2015 / Courtesy Siliqoon and Marsèlleria, Milan


10_fluxia_liste2014_p1280Siliqoon_Timur(3)Premier Machinic Funerary: Prologue / Courtesy Fluxia and Timur Si-Qin, Art Basel, Switzerland


Siliqoon_Timur Siliqoon_Timur(2) Siliqoon_Timur(1)Axe Effect, Speculations on Anonymous Materials at Fridericianum / Courtesy Timur Si-Qin and Société, Berlin – Photo: Achim Hatzius


Siliqoon_Timur(6)Siliqoon_Timur(5)Basin of Attraction at Bonner Kunstverein / Courtesy Timur Si-Qin