TP16 – Altissimi Tattoo Club (Michele Leoni and Edoardo Caimi), Davide Dicorato, Andrea Kvas, Sara Ravelli, Davide Riggiardi, Matilde Sambo

Wednesday June 6th, 2018, 2018 at Marsèlleria, via privata Rezia 2, Milan


Altissimi Tattoo Club (Michele Leoni and Edoardo Caimi)
Altissimi Tattoo Club is a project of illegal tattoo created in 2015 by Edoardo Caimi and Michele Leoni with the aim of rising the spirit of the components to a higher consciousness using the “ugly tattoo” ritual. The duo chase the material and spiritual richness through unpaved paths and moving between the brambles and hostile vegetation of modern society using as machete the innate power of indifference.


Davide Dicorato (artist)
Davide Dicorato was born in 1991 in Milan, where he lives and works. His research starts from a reflection on the fetish object that is continuously re-read through different displays. The work is composed of fragments that always have a consistent aesthetic. The imaginary delves into different themes including the relationship between man and nature, memory, identity and archeology.


Andrea Kvas (artist)
Andrea Kvas (Trieste, 1986) lives and works in Milan. Among his solo shows there are Staring Contest, Ermes-Ermes (Vienna, 2015), the double solo show Andrea Kvas and Nicola Martini, Kaufmann Repetto (Milan, 2015) and Campo, Museo Marino Marini (Florence, 2013) and Boy with bucket, Chert (Berlin, 2013). He took part in different group shows in Italy and abroad such as the ones in Bugada & Cargnel (Paris), Francesca Minini (Milan), Jeanine Hofland (Amsterdam) and ZERO… (Milan). He displayed his works in some institutional spaces such as Fondazione Bevilacqua la Masa (Venice), Galleria Comunale d’Arte Contemporanea in Monfalcone and Macro (Rome), and inside some independent spaces like Brown Project Space and Peep-Hole (Milan) and Cripta 747 (Turin).


Sara Ravelli (artist)
Sara Ravelli was born in Crema in 1993, she lives and works in Milan. Her research is based on time distance, defects and representation. For Sara Ravelli these themes are encounter occasions. Starting from photography but using other languages, her imagery aims to build an elsewhere, a place where it is possible to experiment what one cannot visually fulfill. She has been a member of the collective DITTO since 2016.


Davide Riggiardi (restorer)
Since 1995 he works in his restoration lab, equipped with innovative gears, such as the variabile temperature and pressure table. He manages qualified staff inside restoration schools and collaborates with colleagues specialized in different disciplines. He is a consultant and realizes complex preservative interventions with other collaborators. He also works for the Soprintendenza ai beni culturali, restoring ancient and contemporary works of art, dealing with both classical techniques and materials (canvas, board, paper, frescoes, stone) and unconventional ones (multiple-materials installations, arte povera, kinetic art etc.). He has a specialization in restoration of modern and contemporary artworks. He works with some artists during the executive process, to create new works following their projects. He takes care of preservation and facilities reports of artworks that are to be lent for temporary exhibitions and he accompanies them into different exhibitions spaces all around the world. Since 2005 he is a member of the board of CESMAR7. He is a professor for the course of Restoration of wooden-boards painted objects at Brera Fine Arts Academy and the Artworks handling methodologies course at Bologna Fine Arts Academy. He takes part, as lecturer, to different courses and international meetings on restorations topics and published numerous texts about these themes.


Matilde Sambo (artist)
Matilde Sambo was born in Venice in 1993. She works mostly with video but she experiments also other medium and materials mixing different languages. The sound is an important part of her works. Matilde’s research is based on the perception, the idea of “your perception is not my reality”, that she develops with studying and works on the human body in relationship with perception senses. Her imaginary investigates how our senses are vehicles through which we can understand, get conscious and make experiences of the world.






Altissimi Tattoo Club





Davide Dicorato





Andrea Kvas with Davide Riggiardi





Sara Ravelli





Matilde Sambo