III – Derek Di Fabio, Colin Foster, Maria Gorodeckaya, Anna Solal

from October 3th to 23th, 2016 at Macao – Nuovo Centro per le Arti, la Cultura e la Ricerca, Milano.


Artists Derek Di Fabio (IT), Colin Foster (USA), Maria Gorodeckaya (RUS) and Anna Solal (FR) are invited to take part in the third edition of Siliqoon Labs, a residency program aimed at the production of new works supported by a network of selected local companies. During the Lab the artists visited the companies and used Macao as a studio.


The works produced during the residency are exhibited in the final group show called “Laura Feral in the Well” from October 22 to November 13, at the Macao’s hangar, 2nd floor – viale Molise 68, Milano.


The selected companies:

- Atelier Fragranze, perfume makers (www.atelierfragranzemilano.com)

- Baroni, porcelain (www.baroniporcellane.com)

- Cangini & Tucci, blown glass (www.canginietucci.com)

- Casa dell’Artigiano, metalware (www.casadellartigiano.it)

- Centro Ricambi Elettrodomestici, electronics (www.centroricambielettrodomestici.it)

- De Luca, hydraulic pumps (www.delucasnc.it)

- Gobbetto, resins (www.gobbetto.com)

- Janautica, fiberglass (www.janautica.it)

- Leca, building materials (www.leca.it)

- Opendot Lab, makers (www.opendotlab.it)


In collaboration with Macao – Nuovo Centro per le Arti, la Cultura e la Ricerca and Donatella Pavan/Giacimenti Urbani.


Resina1ResinaIMG_2171IMG_2181IMG_2125IMG_2123Gobbetto1 GobbettoIMG_2310_cropIMG_1899 FabLabFabLab1DeLuca1DeLucaIMG_2039LeicaIMG_2079IMG_2339Macao1MacaoIMG_2104ColinAnnaDerekMaria