LAURA FERAL IN THE WELL – Derek Di Fabio, Colin Foster, Maria Gorodeckaya, Anna Solal

October 22 – November 20, 2016 at Macao Hangar, 2nd floor, Viale Molise 68, Milano


LAURA FERAL IN THE WELL is the group show consequent to the third Siliqoon Lab, an independent residency program aimed at the production of new works in collaboration with a network of selected local companies. Derek Di Fabio, Colin Foster, Maria Gorodeckaya and Anna Solal were the artists invited to the residency at Macao, Milan from the 3rd to the 23rd October. In this period they visited artisanal businesses and worked in Macao’s spaces finalising a new corpus of works that will shape the final exhibition.


The exhibited works are made thanks to the collaboration of the following companies:
Atelier Fragranze, perfume makers – Baroni, porcelain – Cangini & Tucci, blown glass – Casa dell’Artigiano, metalwareCentro Ricambi Elettrodomestici – De Luca, hydraulic pumps – Gobbetto, resins – Janautica, fiberglass – Leca, building materials – Opendot Lab, makers.


viewview1Exhibition views – Photos: Marco Cappelletti


annasolalviewannasolaldit2Anna Solal, The Sun, 2016


derakaviewderakadit2derakaditDerek Di Fabio, Taciturn Dragon, 2016


colinfosteraviewColin Foster, Long Yawn, 2016


colinfosterbview2colinfosterbviewcolinfosterbditColin Foster, Spun safety. Over, again, 2016


view2Exhibition view


mariaparfumeview2 mariaparfumeviewMaria Gorodeckaya, An assohole bottle, 2016


Maria Gorodeckaya, A <3 letter, 2016


derekbviewDerek Di Fabio and Colin Foster, Named separately, 2016 + Derek Di Fabio, Flat nostril, 2016


derekbditderekbdit2derekbdit3derekbdit4Derek Di Fabio, Flat nostril, 2016 – produced in collaboration with Cangini & Tucci