Iain Ball

(b. 1985, UK)


With a focus on developing separate but overlapping continuous and amorphic project incubators and research containers through the use of content-convergent sculptural systems, Iain Ball’s work addresses ideas of possibility, speculation and access to other worlds through a hybridity and mutation of the current order. Previous projects include Philips 2013 which re-imagined and re-articulated the Philips brand vision after the Mayan Cosmogenesis. Notable exhibitions include solo and double solo presentations at: Future Gallery (Berlin), Extra Extra (Philadelphia) and Bio Awake curated and produced by Siliqoon at Tesco (Faenza). Group: Carlos/Ishikawa (London) and 319 Scholes (NYC). His current focus is his ongoing project Energy Pangea/Rare Earth sculptures, a think-tank type research-orientated art object which manufactures sculpture orientated towards a re-thinking of environmental and ecological aesthetics. Lives and works in London.  www.iainball.com


5_BioAwake_Siliqoon 6_BioAwake_Siliqoon 7_BioAwake_Siliqoon 8_BioAwake_Siliqoon 9_BioAwake_Siliqoon 10_BioAwake_SiliqoonBio Awake with Enrico Boccioletti at TESCO / Courtesy Siliqoon – Photo Andrea Piffari