BIO AWAKE – Iain Ball, Enrico Boccioletti

October 9 – November 9, 2014 at TESCO, Vicolo delle Vergini 13, Faenza


Bio Awake is the name of the startup which has been theorized in “Amore e Lifestyle nell’era dell’uomo Bio-Preparato” (Love and Lifestyle of the Bio Prepared humans era), the imaginary book arisen from the collaboration between the American Defense department and the Zen master Taisen Deshimaru.
The document hypothesizes the launch of a new company employed in the mass-commercialization of edible bio-plastic and in vibration with the neuro-marketing oriented economical fields. A memo-sensible material with multi-performance characteristics fully created through a process of mystic-synthesis of the Nori seaweed. The business canvas clearly carries, as value proposition, the assisted and systematic creation of an evolving advantage of the material interpreted as “species”. A kind of homosustainable torsion.
Such advantage can be realized involving the timing-evolution possibilities related to the organic sea tissues. A transformation processed through “smart” additives, susceptible to the iPad app vibrations.
At the moment this system is used, in its beta version, in the Indo-Pakistani softwar, or as a concept, for the packaging of some experimental yogurt with zero impact.
The shared work among the technicians from the Defense department and Deshimarui outlines a future where the process design embodies the market trends and, acting as an Indian wizard, listens and consequently influences the several orientations. It is the paradox of the anthropologist’s action applied to capitalism.
Iain Ball and Enrico Boccioletti, wearing the shoes of two young businessmen propose a series of variations about the subjects the book proposes.


Thanks to the Confartigianato the works were made by a selection of local craft companies including: Mollificio Padano, Bottega Gatti, Pubbligraf and Wasp.


1_BioAwake_SiliqoonPhoto Andrea Piffari


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