I – Alessandro Agudio, Daniel Keller and Timur Si-Qin.

from February 26 to March 25, 2014 at Sandra Natali/MAMbo artists’ space + RAUM/Xing, Bologna


Siliqoon takes its first step in the world of artistic production by inviting the artists Alessandro Agudio (IT), Daniel Keller (USA) and Timur Si-Qin (D) for a month of residency and workshop in the Sandra Natali / MAMbo artists’ space + RAUM. We put artists into contact with 13 artisanal businesses, selected with the help of Confartigianato. The project will avail itself additionally of a network whose capacity opens the door to the possible, through collaborations with the Accademia di Belle Arti (Fine Art Academy) for the students who assist the artists, Xing/Raum for the working space and to Florence, with Villa Romana, through Jacopo Mazzetti’s ABIAD project.


March 20, 2014 at MAMbo – Via Don Minzoni 14, Bologna, took place a public meeting with artists Alessandro Agudio, Daniel Keller, Timur Si-Qin mediated by the curators Zoe De Luca, Bianca Stoppani and Giulia Mengozzi.


The 13 selected artisanal businesses:

- Marchi, fiberglass (www.marchi-vetroresina.it)

- Nuova C. Plastica, blow molding and plastic injection (www.camoli.com)

- OMGB, precision mechanics

- Lualma Anodica, anodizing and brushing aluminum surfaces (www.lualma.it)

- Garvan, loudspeakers (www.garvanacoustic.com)

- Studio Pedrini, 3D printing, rapid prototyping and reverse engineering (www.studiopedrini.it)

- Maglificio Franca, Knitwear

- Mollificio Padano, industrial springs (www.mollificiopadanofaenza.it)

- BIOTEX, high performance sports underwear (www.biotex.it)

- Pubbligraf, Plexiglass, digital printing, lasercut (www.pubbligraf.com)

- Lega, beekeeping equipment (www.legaitaly.com)

- Bottega Gatti, ceramics (www.ceramicagatti.it)

- Aida Bertozzi, ceramics



The project is promoted by the association Gaer with the competition “Il prodotto della creatività”


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